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We are a group of ENGINEERS AND PHYSICISTS who have specialised for more than 20 years in the design, development and manufacture of advanced optronic systems.

While OPAL’s main aim is the manufacture of high precision components for a range of applications, our background in design gives us a special insight into how to optimise components for optronic systems. 

This means that we are able to offer our knowledge and expertise to assist with a wide range of consultancy services to help our clients achieve their design and manufacturing MILESTONES in the MINIMUM TIME and thus significantly reduce their Time to Market. 





The essence of OPAL is that of SYNERGY, ensuring that the whole always exceeds the sum of its parts. The synergy of knowledge with process; of qualification with experience. 

The approach to machining as a science, no longer as just a process, allows us, thanks to the qualifications of our professionals and the experience of our partners, to accompany the client far beyond the mere fulfillment of the plan. This allows us to deliver:

quality that trascends numerical reporting. 


– a direct improvement in the processes of our cllients (processes that are part and parcel of our makeup)  


– Unbeatable delivery times that are not available to other machinists, given the implementation of the most modern planning techniques that are the core of our corporate DNA



From the deep affection we feel for our land of La Mancha, our dream is to contribute to technological development in La Mancha with an innovative project.


Solving the blockages that companies face nowadays to meet their milestones on time. Accompanying our clients in achieving their objectives from the express materialization of prototypes and design support


Contributing to the nationalization of technological systems and products given our experience in Technology Transfer projects together with worldwide known companies



Our vision is inseparable from environmental consciousness, local industries and people, which places us at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing in technical, economic and human terms


Our goal is to be one of the pillars of stable supply of precision mechanics and visible and infrared optics in Europe


The essence of OPAL is that of SINERGY. The awareness that the whole always adds up to more than the parts. We believe in the value of the TEAM and we are committed to the fusion of knowledge with the process


RAPID PROTOTYPING (your products in a record time )


For the world of design, immediacy is a requisite. Modern iterative project management requires high precision machined parts in time frames far lower than that offered by traditional machine shops, where series production is the norm.

In OPAL, thanks to our specialisation in mechanical design consultancy, we can convert your designs into real machined prototypes in less than 18 working days.


Machined parts will NEVER be on the critical time line again for our clients.





HIGH PRECISSION MACHINED PARTS (quality, beyond the requirement)


Traditionally involved over many years in the field of Optronics in the defence and aerospace market, we are used to working to the most demanding requirements and now process all parts with the same care and attention to ensure the very best quality and high precision, whatever the final use will be.


Our continuous 5 axis milling machine allows us to machine the most complex of geometries while still meeting the most demanding tolerances and quality levels.

Together with our partners, we can count on a wide range of equipment including 3 axis milling machine and CNC Lathes which enables us to take on a wide range of work including  manual finishing processes.





DESIGN ASSESSMENT (your need, our speciality)


Our understanding of the mechanical pieces goes further than just looking at the plan or 3D model since we are also experts in the assembly of complete systems.


We have the ability to suggest changes to the design to our clients, not only to reduce series production costs, but also often to strengthen compliance with overall systems requirements through improved mechanical design.


Lean design for best results.






EXPERTS IN PRODUCTION (we do more with less)


We have been trained by the most relevant companies in the world in technology transfer projects and we have successfully implemented production lines certified by technologists.

We have in-depth knowledge of ratio scaling and production line planning techniques, and we provide a highly efficient service for improving production indicators.

Experts in lean manufacturing, agile resource management, we also cover the most advanced quality techniques for resolving technical incidents with customers and suppliers. Our staff is IPC certified.

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TAILORED SOLUTIONS (the sinergy of knowledge)


Opal Machining means updated knowledge, experience and contacts.

We have the ability to get involved ad hoc in projects, up to the level that the client needs to leave in our hands. From the mere supply of machining and design support, through the centralized management of mechanical suppliers and auditing at their facilities, to the implementation for the client of a SHIP TO STOCK service, which guarantees compliance with dates and the quality that our client needs without having to worry about anything.

We manufacture, support and industrialize designs, audit, manage supply chains, implement  production lines.

The limit is only set by the client




















AVERAGE lead time (work days)
CNC machines (together with our partners)


Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real